Projekt Erasmus+

Projekt Erasmus+

Cieľom tohto blogu je informovať o aktivitách našich žiakov zapojených do projektu Erasmus+ s cieľom potlačiť akékoľvek formy šikanovania a kyberšikanovania na škole.

The aim of this blog is to inform about the activities of our students involved in the project Erasmus+ in order to combat any forms of bullying and cyberbullying at our school.

nedeľa 7. februára 2016

Poems against bullying by our students

Every day is the same,I´m hurt by the others
But recently , my dark life is getting some colors
Instead of crying
I am smiling

They used to beat me everyday
And all the horrible words they said
No one understood how I feel
No one was there  for me

Then came people who earned my trust
Soon my worries flew away like dust
There is always someone to help you
A friendship that is true

Sometimes words can do bad,
It can make someone sad.
Sometimes words can hurt,
And can spread as fast as a flying hummingbird.

Have a courage to say stop
Stand  up and say stop
Bullying can hurt
Lets say stop to bullying!

Do something to prevent bullying
Say no to serious lying,
Be careful,
You may save a life.

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